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C1 series Mini Fingertip-operating Joystick

C5 series Single axis Fingertip-operating JoystickK3 Multi-function Joystick Handle

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C9 series products use Hall contactless sensing technology. In the field of video monitoring, large-angle products improve the tracking distance and control accuracy of the cradle head. In addition, the Hall 4-dimensional and 5-dimensional controlling rockers have greatly improved the lifetime of the network keyboard compared with the previous potentiometer products.

C25 series, C8, C20 and other full series products are widely applied on various engineering machinery products to realize the electro-hydraulic proportional control of the whole vehicle including forward, backward, rotating, lifting,etc. All these products with high signal accuracy and sensitivity and it’s ergonomic design can effectively improve the reliability, comfort and lifetime of the operation.

幸运快三计划K2, K3 multi-functional joystick handles and C25 series robust control handles can reliably control the agricultural machinery fully considering the comfort of operation, and it also meet the requirements of proportional control for agricultural machinery. The products are stable and reliable which is applicable in sever environments.


Haimooo technology website ( launched!

After more than a year of preparation, the sea has the official start of the operation of science and technology, the new website is finally met with you, hope that the new and old customers continue to support our work, we will work harder, to provide better products and better services.

Baumachina 2016 is about to open. Welcome to our company!

Thanks to five years of caring, support and encouragement, Shanghai haimu electronic technology co., LTD. Has been focusing on the development and production of high quality and high reliability industrial control handle products. For a long time, there was joy and joy, and there were tears of failure. We are committed to the path of independent product development.

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