My name is Charles E. Hall. I am a disabled Vietnam veteran suffering with severe PTSD. After decades of suffering with the illness, I went to the Veterans Administration in Newington for help several years ago. I attend Group therapy 2-3 times a week (down from 5 days). I am doing good now, thanks to them. I started doing photography about 2 years ago.
After years of never securing a job, I was mostly at home struggling. I have found Photography to be my outlet, to get me out of the house now (rather than being home alone). I enjoy it, and for that time I am out, I can forget about things and concentrate on taking pictures.  I was fortunate enough to have photos accepted for showing at several galleries and shows, and I have also won ribbons for my work, and I have also had photos published in a book.
If you are interested in my photos, you may contact me at <> or 860-614-1021, or visit