Veteran’s Therapy Through Art is an organization founded by disabled veterans for veterans. Many of vets isolate through the years, finding it hard to go into what we call “the real world”. A couple of vets found that through the art of photography they could venture out of their solitude in small doses and make a difference in how they felt. This became contagious and other veterans soon tried this new therapy. They ventured out to venues that were controlled in nature at first. As it evolved they become bolder, taking boat cruises with many non-veterans or going to a revolutionary war re-enactment in a town where there was no control over who was around.

Through photography it was easier to adapt to being around others.  But, this group is not just for photographers. It is open to any veteran who is tired of being alone all the time. There are always cameras available if a vet wants to take photos but if they want just be around other vets in an open environment they are welcome. Our motto is “If you want to Have fun, you are welcome.” If another art form is your forte, you are welcome.

Everyone is equal in the group. There is no judging. No one person is better or worse than the other. Each success is applauded. There are only successes. Going out for the first time - success!!!; showing that first photo - success!!. Some have ventured into the showing of artwork. One member has won awards for his work. Recently, club artwork was shown at the Amos Bull House Gallery in Hartford CT. True to the motto of the group, there were mostly photos but also sketches, painting, poems and even statues made from toilet paper.

Our key to success is having fun. While taking photos is the noted reason for every trip, photography has become secondary. On a recent trip, there was a trip to a nature sanctuary. The brochure mentioned a butterfly house and duck pond among other things.  A walk to the butterfly house found no butterflies, walk to the duck pond, no ducks. A year ago that may have disappointed some of but there was laughter and joking and believe or not some great photos.

If you are a veteran that is looking for an avenue to break out of any ailment you may have, Veteran’s Therapy Through Art may be just the ticket.